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ACD Canvas 9 Professional

Krachtig technisch tekenprogramma voor professionals


Krachtig technisch tekenprogramma voor professionals in zaken, wetenschap en techniek. Integreert naadloos het professioneel bewerken van afbeeldingen, page layout, webafbeeldingen en presentatie


Prijs bij fabrikant
  • 349,99 euro
    via ESD (download)
Inhoud van cd en dvd

Programma's en extra's

  • programma
  • 1,33 GB aan clipart
  • 1991 URW TrueType en 1991 URW PostScript Fonts
  • 455 URW TrueType en 455 URW PostScript Fun Fonts
Documentatie digitaal
  • Canvas User Guide van 864 pagina's in pdf
  • Color Printing Guide van 66 pagina's in pdf
  • Quick Reference Card van 6 pagina's in pdf
Documentatie gedrukt
  • dik handboek

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Tips en screen shots van ACD Canvas 9 Professional

Tip: dit programma kan zoveel; neem de moeite om het eerst uitgebreid te verkennen.

Een voorbeeld van de gebruikersinterface.

Rode ogen en meer kunt u heel precies aanpassen in dit programma .

Ook de CAD mogelijkheden zijn wel om over naar huis te schrijven.

Nauwkeurig technisch tekenwerk.

Heel precies opmaken van webpagina's.

Waarvoor gebruikt men ACD Canvas 9 Professional

  • Krachtig technisch tekenprogramma voor professionals in zaken, wetenschap en techniek
  • Integreert naadloos het professioneel bewerken van afbeeldingen, page layout, webafbeeldingen en presentatie
  • grotere precisie door double-floating point
  • New intelligent user interface
  • New technical drawing features
  • An expanded Imaging Editing architecture
  • More Scripting Options
  • Support for more file formats
  • CANVAS 9 Professional Edition is the premiere solution for technical professionals in business, science and engineering. This edition is also the default upgrade path for all prior versions of Deneba Canvas
  • ADVANCED CAD LEVEL PRECISION: A new double floating point, 64-bit coordinate system gives CANVAS 9 a level of precision normally reserved for dedicated CAD software
  • Virtually unlimited zoom to +/- 114,000%
  • A larger maximum document size to 2000 by 2000 miles
  • 2 billion object limit per document
  • 2 billion control point limit per polygon or Bézier curve
  • ENHANCED IMAGING SYSTEM: Support for 8 and 16 bit image data per channel/per pixel. FP32 Real support is part of the Scientific Imaging Edition
  • Expanded TIFF support of 8 and 16 bit images (import and export)
  • The following image filters have been rewritten and now support 8-bit and 16-bit images (FP32 Real support in Scientific Imaging Edition): Gaussian Blur, Average, Add noise, Median, Dust, Despeckle, Sharpen, Sharpen more, Sharpen edges, Unsharp mask, Maximum, Minimum, High pass, Hue saturation, Levels, Curves, Brightness/contrast, Color balance, Invert
  • A new one-step Image Crop and Scale command. Choose from a wide array of standard photo paper sizes or define your own. Options for hard and soft crops are available
  • New advanced Red Eye reduction tool removes unwanted redeye effects automatically or experts can take advantage of extensive manual options
  • Eyedroppers have been added to the Levels image filter
  • A new Image measurement filter performs quantitative analysis images and lets you to copy the results to the clipboard. Works on grayscale channels and gives information on current selection: Standard Deviation, Average, Histogram, Area, Perimeter, Maximum, Minimum, and more
  • A NEAR-CLAIRVOYANT INTERFACE : The new Smart Toolbox constantly tracks and displays all drawing tools that are related to the last tool chosen. Tool sets can be resized and locked so they are always available
  • The new Properties Bar keeps track of what objects and tools are selected and displays the most relevant options at all times. This is a great time saver for new and experienced users alike
  • Users who like to experiment with new colors and line styles as they work will welcome the new Attributes Manager. It provides one-stop access to all Fill and Stroke Inks (colors, gradients, hatches, textures, symbols and patterns); Pen styles (plain, calligraphic, neon, and parallel); Dash settings and Arrow styles
  • Those who like to use predefined colors and line styles will appreciate the new Attribute Preset Palettes. These are available directly from the main tool box and make it easy to access Canvas' extensive array of predefined Fill and Stroke Inks, Pen styles, Dashes and Arrow styles with one click. Users can also define, save , and share their own preset collections. A new Add to Preset button has been added to every module of the Attributes Manager to make it easy to create personalized sets
  • The bottom left of the drawing window has been redesigned with more functionality and power than ever before. A new Tab interface gives users instant access to all document Layers. Many pages are easier to control and navigate using a new pop-up menu interface. Layers and pages can be renamed by just clicking and typing on their labels
  • The new Attribute History strip attached to the Presets palettes gives users instant access to the most recently used Fill and Stroke Inks, Pen styles, Dashes and Arrow styles. This makes it easier than ever to reapply attributes
  • The new Attribute Styles Palette manages application-based styles and replaces the old favorites and object styles managers
  • The popular Docking bar can now be docked on the left or right of the drawing window and not just on the top as in earlier versions
  • The new Configuration Center now handles all program preferences, tool and command settings from a central location
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