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Macromedia Studio MX 2004

Gestroomlijnd webapplicaties ontwikkelen met een geïntegreerde gereedschapsset

Macromedia Studio MX 2004 provides professional functionality for every aspect of web development and includes the newest versions of Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks and FreeHand. Studio MX 2004 is also available with Flash MX Professional 2004.

Studio MX 2004 contains the latest versions of the leading tools for every aspect of web design and application development.

See what's new. Web Design Features: CSS, cross-browser validation, high-quality video, faster Fireworks, and more
Application Development Features: ActionScript 2.0, data integration, new code editing tools, and more.

Deze pagina bevat tips en screen shots
Prijs bij fabrikant
  • € 999,00 + BTW English
    via ESD (download)
  • € 999,00 + BTW English in doos
  • er is ook een versie met Flash Professional
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Dreamweaver MX 2004

Programma en extra's

  • Dreamweaver MX 2004
  • HomeSite+
  • ColdFusion MX 6.1 Developer Edition
  • Flash Video Exporter


  • Exploring Studio MX van 196 pagina's
  • Dreamweaver API Reference van 486 pagina's in pdf
  • Getting Started with Dreamweaver van 144 pagina's in pdf
  • Extending Dreamweaver van 394 pagina's in pdf
  • Using Dreamweaver van 786 pagina's in pdf
  • Exploring Studio MX van 196 pagina's in pdf
Flash MX 2004

Programma en extra's

  • Flash MX 2004


  • Flash Lite Authoring Guidelines for i-mode van 48 pagina's in pdf
  • Action Script Reference Guide van 816 pagina's in pdf
  • Getting Started with Flash van 66 pagina's in pdf
  • Flash Lite User Guide van 22 pagina's in pdf
  • Learning Flash van 122 pagina's in pdf
  • Using Components van 284 pagina's in pdf
  • Using Flash van 418 pagina's in pdf
FreeHand MX

Programma en extra's

  • FreeHand MX


  • Using Freehand MX van 412 pagina's in pdf
Fireworks MX 2004

Programma en extra's

  • Fireworks MX 2004


  • Getting Started with Fireworks van 42 pagina's in pdf
  • Using Fireworks van 302 pagina's in pdf

Waarvoor gebruikt men

  • Studio MX 2004 At a GlanceStreamline web development with an integrated tool set: Studio MX 2004 provides professional functionality for every aspect of web development, all in one integrated package. Developers can build websites and applications with Dreamweaver, create interactive content with Flash, generate web graphics with Fireworks, and incorporate vector graphics with FreeHand. For developers delivering rich interactive applications, Studio MX 2004 is also available with Flash MX Professional 2004
  • Industry-leading tools. Seamless cross-product integration. Intuitive, customizable workspace. Industry-leading tools
  • Studio MX 2004 includes the newest versions of industry-leading, standards-based tools, providing professional features for every aspect of web development
  • Create sophisticated, professional sites with rich Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) support in Dreamweaver. Design and render complicated CSS-based layouts and designs easily and accurately. Build cutting-edge, flexible layouts entirely in CSS and speed development with tools that let you edit quickly, select styles easily, and control page-wide properties precisely
  • Capture attention and improve user experiences with interactive content. Create UI and graphic elements or import content from file formats such as EPS and PDF by using the rich text and design tools in Flash. Animate elements with timeline and transformation tools, and then attach logic and programmatic control with ActionScript 2.0
  • Develop sites quickly with professional-quality templates and pre-built components. Create everything from web graphics to entire sites and applications with drag-and-drop visual tools and components
  • Embrace standards and accelerate next-generation development with XML, web services, XHTML, CSS2, ColdFusion, JSP, .NET, and ECMAScript. Dreamweaver supports ColdFusion, JSP, PHP, ASP.NET, and other application server technologies
  • Seamless cross-product integration: Integration across the Studio MX 2004 applications enables more efficient development of rich web sites and applications
  • Integrate design and development using all products in the tool set. Import Macromedia Flash files into Dreamweaver, and preview the content within Dreamweaver. Create, edit, and animate graphics and menus in Fireworks, and then seamlessly export them to Dreamweaver
  • Streamline workflow through seamless launch-and-edit capabilities shared across the suite. Easily update bitmaps embedded in Macromedia Flash with Roundtrip editing in Fireworks. Fireworks signature Roundtrip support handles Dreamweaver-generated and hand-coded server-side code, as well as nested tables
  • Add rich interactivity to pages with Macromedia Flash elements, which can be configured within Dreamweaver. Drop a Macromedia Flash element onto a page and customize it like any tag: Set its properties in the Tag inspector and let Dreamweaver do the rest
  • Manage files more effectively across applications with shared sites, Check-In/Check-Out, and file transfer. Fireworks and Dreamweaver share the same check-in/check-out capabilities and can upload and download files to a remote server with a single click
  • Intuitive, customizable workspace: The Studio MX 2004 workspace reduces design and development complexity. Consistent user interface elements help you work more efficiently when using multiple Macromedia Studio applications
  • Locate commands and controls more quickly with the accessible and logically arranged user interface, which maximizes usable workspace and shows context and focus more clearly. Make educated design decisions quickly with in-menu visual previews of text styles, gradients, patterns and more across applications
  • Increase efficiency with the Start page, available in all MX 2004 applications. Quickly open recently used files, create new files, or access tutorials from this page, which appears when no document is open
  • Move quickly among applications, thanks to common user interface elements such as site definitions, panel management, tabs over multiple open documents, coding and visual preview metaphors, and a common Property inspector
  • Leverage full Unicode support to use, render, and save any font and encoding supported by the operating system, including double-byte character sets, across all MX 2004 applications
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